ZONA - The Room of Miracles

The room is in a kindergarten in the Pervomayskaya, 15 street. Before the incident was a kids bedroom.
When the first man came there he discovered several phenomena that are generated by the Room and called them "fabulous miracles".
In the middle of the Room and always in different places trees growing. They are always an equal number - four. 
But the most fantastic here - the fog covering the ceiling. Touching it by hand, or whatever else is not recommended. You never know what hide in there.
It is also said that the windows in the room are always pours sunlight, and the city as if it stood in 1988. Some trackers trying to get to the other side. But no one has returned yet. Leaving between the houses, they lost sight and never appeared again.
At the edge of the contact of the water and the wall reddish rusty moss has settled. Which, according to the legend, can serve as a wonder drug, or vice versa, a terrible poison.
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